Cerrup'tiboz (aurora realis)

A photo of Cerrup Ti'boz under the Aurora Realis.

Cerrup Ti'boz (also known as Cerrup'tiboz and that place humanitarians go to make photoshoots for charity), is a poverty-stricken city in the desperately poor country of Ovth'plais, in the undeveloped country of Steil-in-Milive, on the forsaken wasteland of a planet that is Leho'dawaif, orbiting the dying sun of Romee. It is the hometown of Broekn Lirnedson. Due to Cerrup Ti'boz being an amalgamation and is a probability point of all poverty in the multiverse, in addition to having the highest amounts of corruption in the Whole of Creation, it often suffers reality-warping storms like the Aurora Realis, localized paradoxical destruction, and the Rubber Duck Phenomenon.

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