Cats are a species of animal that originated from Planet 52. They are an evil race bent on absolute control through any means. To achieve this, cats have developed a network of connections between their minds to co-ordinate their actions using the 18th dimension, although luckily through an unforseen side effect this can easily be jammed with any material that exists as a fine filament or strand. Many modern households have carpet, insulation and wiring which jams this networked intelligence, so cats have been working since their conception to destroy all stranded materials. However some species find these attacks at balls of string and furniture as "cute" and keep the (usually enraged) cats as pets. These cat owners are usually bent by the cat's superior intelligence to serve the cat and meet all its needs.


Cats are endothermic quadripeds, carnivorous in nature. They may capture and eat mice, but are usually fed by their owners. In cases where cats do not have owners they eat any form of meat. They vary in size. They are covered in fur which acts as an antenna to the 18th dimension and requires replacing every so often in a process known as shedding.



Monorail Cat

Main article: LOLcat

These are the overlords of the cat race. They have the power to captivate Humans and other susceptible species through the Holo-Network and usage of a dialect which is completely irresistible. Their ruler is disputed, but it is generally accepted to be shared between Longcat, Monorail Cat and Speedycat.


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