Brizospace Link

The Brizospace Link.

The Brizospace Link is one of the most useful pseudofractal points in Brizospace because it allows energy and brizoparticles to pass from supersymmetric dimensions and normal space to Brizospace and vice versa. It was one of the few essential things in the Isaacland Universe today to be discovered by one person alone, next to -( and Fictionium.


In 2042, Marion Yates, a graduate-student physichemist, scanned the pseudofractal surfaces of Brizospace and discovered energy venting from several psuedofractal spots on the surface due to the university's BRB Brizospace Energy Exchange. She later wrote up a thesis on that point and was later awarded the Qwerty Prize for Brizophysics.

Characteristics of the Brizospace LinkEdit


The Brizospace Link is unique in its pseudofractality in that the ribbons of the closed surface project in 4.5D outwards into normal space. This makes it conducive to transfer of energy and brizoparticles.

Helix-ribbon structureEdit

The helix-ribbon structure is a pseudofractal structure unique to the Brizospace Link. No other psuedofractal contains it, excluding the Brizospace pseudofractal itself.

Energy transferEdit

The helix-ribbon structure allows for movement of energy and Brizoparticles along the 4.5D projection surface.

The Brizospace Link PrincipleEdit

In layman's terms: Energy goes in, same amount of energy comes out. In complicated terms: The Law of Conservation of Energy also applies within Brizospace, and therefore if its internal energy balance is disrupted, energy will flow out of Brizospace to maintain equilibrium.

Its current importance in the GSOT stands at #11.