Brizoparticle explosion

Brizoparticles exploding from a recently-collapsed Brizospace Nexus. Note the Brizonium(red) being propelled away from the ex-nexus, formed by simultaneous collections of Brizoparticles.

Brizoparticles are resubionic particles that are the only bits of matter that can exist in Brizospace. When they clump together, they form the element Brizonium.



A Tyrion magnified by approximately 1 septillion times.

Brizoparticles were first observed in 2038 in experiments on Trevors-Phalen Mass Centrosystemic Fields on collapsed Brizospace Nexi. Independent researchers at several universities discovered remnants of matter within the fields after collapse, but sadly all but one of them deactivated their fields before studying further and subsequently caused the brizoparticles to collapse into normal matter. The last one, Prof. Bob Hoffman, analyzed the particles and discovered their resubionic nature, which allowed them to flux in tune with the likewise resubionic field and stay within.


There are many types of brizoparticle, some of which have negative effects on human physiology:


The carrier for pseudofractility in Brizospace. Consequently, any normal matter it is allowed to impact takes on a psuedofractal structure. This is quite dangerous to living beings, as self-similar organs would require infinite energy to work (with exceptions, see Dep'thi-chy). Tyrions make up approximately one-third of Brizoparticles.


The carrier of Brizospace equilibrium. Brazions are considered to be "exotic matter" in Brizospace terms, in that they are transmuted from Tyrions in the pseudofractal expansionist forms of the Brizospace border. They modulate matter and energy in Brizospace, and are instrumental in creating Brizospace Nexes whenever the balance is upset by drawing the subtle force onto foriegn matter or energy.


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The carrier of choice in Normal space, in Brizospace it works the Brizospace Link. Though not truly a brizoparticle in that it can exist within normal space without the aid of the Trevors-Phalen Mass Centrosystemic Field, it is considered as such because of its Brizospace Link capacities. However, a similar field may be created by old movie scripts with their sheer plot reuse, in that it allowed selections to accumulate and become Plotdevicium and Tardium.