Brizoparticle explosion

Brizoparticles(green) erupt from a collapsed Brizospace Nexus. The Brizonium(red) is ejected as well, formed by simultaneous clumping of Brizoparticles.

Brizonium is the only element that Brizoparticles can create. It is Brizoactive and prolonged exposure can result in health problems such as increased intelligence, constipation and dislike of Swiss Cheese. Brizonium can over time lose its brizoactivity to the surrounding brizospace and become inert. This process can be accelerated by reverse-stasis fields, as demonstrated in Capital City after the Time Paradox of 1943: The Uiopasd-sized chunk of Brizonium embedded in the city square was rendered inert in seconds and ejected into Central Planet's orbit, where it became a new moon.

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