The Black Merchandise Exchange is(BME) the counter-economy of SmarT Co. Inc. Industries, and is therefore supported by the Entente and the Coalition. It originated on 2156, when SmarT forgot to produce their annual quota of mind control candy, causing a small group of people to be rebellious wonderful able to create the BME.

History Edit

The BME was founded on 2156, around the month of November. SmarT, focused on several things, among those the Planet Φܩ12B War against the Entente and Coalition, forgot to meet their annual quota of mind control candy. Released from the control of the candy, a small group of people, about 100 people. Realizing the communist-like rule of SmarT, these people broke away from SmarT and formed an alternate economy where people can put up a good where it can be replicated by a stolen SmarT matter replicator on demand. The system was based on old stock systems from the early 2000's, so when an item is sold more, it goes higher up in the ranks the BME.

Soon after, the Entente and the Coalition discovered the BME via word of mouth and almost immediately put up some of their products and became major players in the BME. It has also been rumored that SmarT has actually put some products up, but it has been dissmissed as products stolen from SmarT.

Current economic condition Edit

The BME is doing quite well, mainly due to Entente and Coalition help. SmarT has managed to find several BME "banks", or hideouts, but the actual location of the BME remains unknown, but it is suspected to be somewhere in the Entente or Coalition, or probably right under SmarT's nose.

The BME's standing in the GSOT is #1,287.