A technology branch that revolves around exploitation of disruptive energy inherent in Chatrooms. Among its crowning achievements is the BRB Brizospace Energy Exchange, which plays a vital part in the WTH reaction and subsequently the @-bomb.

BRB Brizospace Energy ExchangeEdit

BRB Tech

The BRB Brizospace Energy Exchange. The Brizospace Link is not pictured here, as it would involve a larger file size.

The process:

  1. Disruptive BRB energy is diverted through a Huasean Bottleneck into Brizospace in the form of LOL waves and ROFL particles (which can be considered two aspects of the ROFLMAO wavicle).
  2. BRB energy is converted into usable energy over a period of Brizospace time (or colliquially known as Brizotime).
  3. An energy imbalance is created between Normal Space and Brizospace.
  4. Energy is ejected from Brizospace via the Brizospace Link.
  5. The energy is collected and sent to local power distributors that mete out the energy.
  6. Any remaining energy is sent off to the team of Brizophysicists that constantly study the conversion process.

WTH reactionEdit

Main article: WTH reaction

The WTH reaction occurs within chatrooms all the time in that disbelief that person A has done/seen/heard/written is conveyed with an external modular carrier signal, usually a Nazi. For example:

A: i ahve cooked 5 omeletes at once
B: wth noe way even a nazi couldn;t do taht

This is a very simplified version of the WTH reaction. However, as the impossibility of A's statement grows, as does the WTH.

A: i builded teh empre state building
B: WTH that's im posble even nazis are mor true than u

Or even further.

A: i nuked the moon
B: WWWTTTHHHH?!>!?!?!?!/1/1/1/1/1 teh nazis wanbted to do tah =t but even they didn;t work how could you besides I can sdee the moon in t he sky you IDSOIT!!!!1111epicfail!11

When properly catalyzed with the right BRB energy, i.e. LOL waves, the WTH reaction can quickly speed out of control and become up to 5,000,000,000,000,000 (5 quadrillion) times more powerful. This is the basis of the @-bomb's destructive capability.

The @-bombEdit

The basis of the @-bomb is that the LOL waves are configured to be the "A" statement, which on combination of the massive amounts of "B" stored in the core (the "B" is siphoned off using time travel techniques to take the WTH before the "A" appears. However, this technique has been lost to time.) results in a massive explosion of WTH.

Its current importance in the GSOT is #6.