Not to be confused with anitmatter.

Antimatter is a type of matter from anti-universes, the most common type being the anti-charged type (all particles have inverse charges). Also common are anti-spin (the spin of all the particles are reversed) and anti-personality (the personality values of all the particles are reversed).


Antimatter was discovered soon after the Creation of the Multiverse by some person. It was only due to some person's grammatical immortality that he was not blown to bits like all the other would-have-been-discoverers before him. However, some person's Aunt Edna accidentally ingested some anti-personality Personalitium (Antipersonalitium) and became the forerunner of all stereotypical mean aunts. Some person's Aunt Gloria became the forerunner of all stereotypical nice aunts, due to consuming of Antipersonalitium.


Antimatter was used in Photonic Drives and many more plot devices (see Plotdevicium). A common type of everyday antimatter is Antiplasma, often used in Antiplasma rifles.

Also notable is the use of Antimatter in the use of political blackmail as a bomb.

Antimatter as a household itemEdit

Special smoke detectors now use Antimatter.

This article is based on a science term that is already known in the Universe of Universe of Universe. Therefore some of these facts may or may not coincide with facts known in the U of U of U. This article is considered close enough to 3U Science to warrant a disclaimer.

To anyone from the U of U of U: "This article is not meant seriously and is only a joke. Facts from Antimatter that contradict known facts on this subject are untrue and should be ignored."

To anyone else: Carry on.

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