An alternate timeline is a copy of a "base universe" (although the "base universe" is more of a subjective concept). These universes are created every millisecond or so, due to a decision made, and they represent the effects if that decision was not made. Every Universe has millions upon millions of alternate timelines, excluding fairly new universe, making cataloguing these timelines impossible.

Cause Edit

Why these universes are created is a very speculative subject as the process of a new timeline's creation is impossible to observe. It has been theorized that it has to do with Quantum Physics and probability, although elaboration on why gets more diverse. Some people suspect it is just to make everyone even more confused.

Travel Edit

Travel to alternate timelines is possible, however, it creates a new timeline when you travel there, making your destination impossible to reach. SmarT Co. Inc. Industries has been attempting to fix this, however, this has already been achieved by Time Police. Traveling back in time in your own timeline does not negate the Grandfather Paradox, as seen in the Time Paradox of 1943.

Information Leak Edit

It is suspected that information from the Holo-network leaks into some alternate timelines, especially ones where a lot of things in said information don't exist. It is suspected people from 2008 or further in an alternate timeline are reading this passage and laughing at the strange reference to them in this passage, thinking it is all a joke. Of course, we now know that these people reside in the Universe of Universe of Universe, and can be duly ignored.

Types of Timelines Edit

There are several types of timelines, some identified recently.

Simple TimelineEdit

This is a timeline that is almost exactly the same as the base timeline except for one small decision. However, that decision can be turned into a complex timeline later.

Complex TimelineEdit

These are timelines that differ a huge amount from the base timeline.

Travel TimelineEdit

Timelines that are created due to a travel to another timeline.

Branch TimelinesEdit

These are timelines that branch off of another alternate timeline. These can be either very simple or complex timelines.

Abnormal Timeline TypesEdit

These timelines can be created through anomalies in spacetime and other dimensions.

Overpass TimelinesEdit

When a time traveller travels to a higher dimension while also travelling back in time, this is known as an Overpass Timeline. What the Time traveller does in the higher dimension will inherently split the timeline, but the dimensions below it will remain identical to the original timeline. When the dimensions below do not remain identical, then it is a Overpass-Adjunct Timeline.

Overpass-Adjunct TimelinesEdit

See above.