The only photo taken of @noble, ever.

@noble is a huge region of space-time that was rendered completely unusable from the 9 millisecond war. It is an uninhabited wasteland with extremely high amounts of @-radiation. Only one photo has ever been taken, and the photographer died immediately after sending the photo to the Coalition Capital. @noble is predicted to stay in its perfectly fine unstable state for millions of years.

Environment Edit

Due to the megatons of @-radiation in the area, almost no technology can work in the region, except BRB-powered cameras and BRB-email, which is the only way that the only photo of the area was sent. But, from the .00001 of a second before the environment-reading technology overloaded, the following information was sent.

Average Temperature: 3,000,000 Degrees C

Hazard Levels: 10/10 on the SmarT Co. Inc. Industries Hazardous Environment Scale

Weather: Usually Scorchingly Hot, Occasional @cid rain

Wildlife: None

Rock Composition: Pure LAWLite

Conspiracy Theory Edit

There is a widespread Conspiracy that @noble is now perfectly stable, but SmarT Co. Inc. Industries is controlling the area and has warped the information from the zone (as the probes sent were from their company) and that the photographer was a SmarT worker and had sent a false photograph. Plus, it is rumored @noble has a secret plant built by SmarT for highly dangerous experiments. These statements are completely true false. SmarT would never keep information from its wonderful consumers.