Quantum Space Pocket -3041-8756

Rachel with the two standard orbital Coalition forts

Quantum Space Pocket -3041-8756 After

@filer after its @-bombardment.

@filer, once known as Quantum Space Pocket #3041-8756, was the site of one of the most devastating victories for SmarT during the SmarT War of 2134.


Before discoveryEdit

General development suggests that before Coalition inhabitation, @filer contained one star system with one planet.

Coalition inhabitationEdit

In 2101, the Coalition expanded its borders and began moving outward, i.e. away from the galaxial core. This new wave of exploration spawned several fortifications along the new border of their space. One of these was the @filer system. At that point the system was not given a designation, instead labeled Quantum Space Pocket #3041-8756. The planet was officially designated Quantum Space Pocket #3041-8756 Gravitational Anomaly A1, but in popular culture it was known as Rachel, after some person's sister.


Rachel was originally a mostly barren planet, but through Coalition cultivation, Rachel quickly developed a Cerschodnium atmosphere, which reacted with the chemical makeup of the planet's crust to create vast amounts of valuable Cerschodnium compounds.


In 2135, during the SmarT war of 2134, SmarT bombarded Quantum Space Pocket #3041-8756 with a single @-bomb. An unprecedented anomaly in the spacetime curvature of the Quantum Pocket (it was near the Island of Zed) led to an complete obliteration. Most of @filer exists in flux today.


The only available statistic here is fluxflow, due to the extreme values of flux in the area. It has been rumored that all the excessive flux has collected into a Fluxionite Planetoid. However, it has also been rumored that chickens go there when they die. Although this is not impossible due to the transistional disrender caused by the @-bombardment, forming an exotic planet.