The @-bomb [/æt?bom/] is the most powerful explosive in the multiverse. Plain as that. One @-bomb explosion is 3 billion times more powerful than the nonexistent "Big Bang" that the Humans of the Universe of Universe had incorrectly thought was the cause of their existence, but is a good explosion comparison anyway. Its power source is stored energy from the creation of BRB energy from SmarT BRB energy farms. The bomb itself is about the size of a C.D., and has unfortunately been used in several CD players by mistake, with dreadful results.

The History of the @-bomb Edit


Fueled by the SmarT War of 2134, SmarT used their recently discovered Time-Hopping Military Undergarments to go to Womanhattan and go under the name of EnerG, and commissioning the to-be Nongenderspecifichattan Project to create BRB Technology. After the early invention of the technology, SmarT proceeded to make them slaves with Mind Control Candy, and forced them to create the BRB-powered @-bombs. They were never used after the Entente shutdown. Most were destroyed, but 20,000 still survived. 10,000 were kept by the Entente government, while 9,000 were teleported away by SmarT before the Entente forces arrived, with the last 1,000 being completely forgotten by in an alternate sub-storage basement, until the creation of the Museum for the History of Advanced Sciences, where they were found by search party #0321.

First UseEdit

The @-bomb was first used by SmarT on December 13th, 2135. The target was a fort set up by Coalition forces on Quantum Space Pocket #3041-8756. The whole Pocket was obliterated, and no one in the pocket survived after the explosion. This region is now known as @filer.

@-use periodEdit

Soon after SmarT's attack on Pocket #3041-8756, the Entente government began a counter-attack with their stolen supply of @-bombs, with SmarT responding with more @-strikes soon after the counter-attack causing the 9 millisecond war. A huge section of space-time was damaged, and the @-ified region is now known as @noble.


After the 9 millisecond war, and the dismantling/CD playing of most of the 1,000 @-bombs left behind when discovered, only 7 @-bombs currently exist. 1 is on display at the Museum for the History of Advanced Sciences, and shall stay that way until the Treaty of Zalispace has expired. 3 are furiously guarded and hidden by the Entente, while 2 are SmarT property, and it is suspected that @-bombs are trying to be replicated by both sides, as it became a lost art during the 9 millisecond war. 1 is owned by an unknown stockholder, and its current location is unknown.

Structure Edit


The core of the @-bomb, magnified 3,000 times


An @-bomb.

@-bombs are comprised of 3 parts: The Shell, The Igniter, and The Core.

The ShellEdit

The shell of an @-bomb is comprised of pure Fictionium, as the bomb needs to be as light as possible during trans-universal travel, and it is also a useful material as it does not dull the force of the bomb, because proof of its nonexistence it broadcasted at the same time as the explosion.

The IgniterEdit

When activated, the Igniter first beams proof of the material's nonexistence to the metal outside, and within .000003 seconds of the beaming, The Igniter sends LOL Waves to the BRB energy stored in the core, causing the reaction.

The CoreEdit

The @-bomb's core is where the unbelievable amounts of BRB energy is stored (the main problem of reproducing @-bombs as all attempts have resulted in overloading). Upon

A close up of the @-bomb.


Another close up of the @-bomb.

receiving LOL Waves from The Igniter, the well documented WTH reaction is created, but quadrillions of times more powerful, creating the well-known explosion.

The C.D. incident Edit

Due to the similar shape an @-bomb has to a CD, this was inevitable. Some person decided to go and put an @-bomb in a C.D. player. Interestingly enough, according to the records sent to the SmarT very-far-away HQ the CD played about 10 seconds of freeform jazz before the whole universe there blew up.

Effects on the environment Edit

When detonated, @-bombs create serious changes to environments. Because of the huge amount of raw @-radiation released from the explosion, @cid rain showers can be existent in that region for millennia. Most solid materials become a form of LAWLite. The air becomes filled with red particles of LAWLite that can cause permanent lung damage. Areas bombed by @-bombs are unusable for an unknown amount of time, maybe forever, although it is said SmarT Co. Inc. Industries has found a way to habitablize the uninhabitable wastelands. Also, the creation of @-bombs can have negative effects on the environment, as seen in productions districts of the Nongenderspecifichattan Project, although there is much less of an effect.

Its current importance in the GSOT stands at #7.