Defined as the ultimate answer to all of existence (Life, The Universe, and Everything). First discussed in the now defunct and redundant Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as the answer given by the supercomputer Deep Thought when confronted with the Question to Life, The Universe and Everything (side note: Deep Thought took seven and a half million years to complete a simple arithmetic problem, a problem now eliminated by the advent of the Quantum Computer and the Quantum Time-Flow Data Resistor. Thus, if Deep Thought still exists within its higher-dimensional space, it is by definition now one of the most obsolete computers in the Multiverse, bested only by the 3.1 Server).

Factoring 42Edit

Note that as we proceed to factor 42:

The number 42 can be expressed- 42(1)=42
Or Further broken into 6(7)=42
And Finally as 2(3)(7)=42

Now we shall proceed to evaluate the significance of the prime factorization of the answer to existence. This factorization can be said to be the question of life, the universe, and everything.

Considering the significance of the individual numbers, shall we begin with the 7. 7 Has always been an important number in human development and culture, as well as very existence and formation of the universe. From Our 7 days of the Augustinian week, the seven wonders of the ancient world, this is no coincidence. 7, like 3(as we will discuss later) is deeply ingrained into the weft of the universe.
3, as is widely known, is a magic number. It has well known mathematic significance and is woven along the warp of the universe.
2 is already the latter digit of 42, and must be present to strengthen the tie from the factored form to the actual form of 42, a very powerful bond given that additionally 2^2=4 which further account for the other digit.

Its importance in the GSOT is #42.

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