-( is the only number not to be used in the alphabet, and is also a popular fruit drink made by SmarT Co. Inc. Industries.

History of -( Edit

-( was discovered by Jarcon Flehm on June 31, 2078, shortly after he had had his daily mercury injection. As said by him, the discovery came about when "I [Flehm] wondered if there was a number that represented the time it takes for an antigravity generator to touch the ground." Thusly, he calculated this using UberQuantumRelative Physics, that the time was exactly negative-impossible seconds, or -(.

The uses of -( Edit

-( is generally used for creating UberQuantumRelative equations, and also for confusing uneducated peasants. It is also used in programming to represent an explosion 1 trillion times the size of a @-bomb.

The drink Edit

Trying to capitalize on the new discovery, SmarT Co. Inc. Industries created the drink -(, to get people confused with the new number that was discovered. Obviously, people are stupider than we think as it is the 2nd most popular drink in the Multiverse, and is still confused with the number.
Soda pic

The second most popular drink it the multiverse, -(