Θ-Φ Initiative

The last logo of the Initiative before it shut down.

The Theta-Phi Initiative was an organization run by the Multiversal Court in order to standardize mathematics. However, it was run by Geoffrey Q. Winters and therefore turned evil when Winters became Dr. Bad Guy.

Evil ActsEdit

The Initiative's first evil act was to announce that 1+1, from the date of announcement, was 13,931,844.51. After that, they locked up all the mathematicians of the age. They then forced the mathematicians to publish terrible puns on maths that no one in the world understood. Afterwards, they captured every mathematician from the past and future.

Last StrawEdit

Dr. Bad Guy then forced the future mathematician Pol "Kadots" Litition to say that Professor Bob Hoffman's calculation of the multiversal constant ₢ was wrong. That prompted the Time Agents into action.

Time Agent InterventionEdit

The Time Agents 169 and 845 came in, saved the mathematicians, beat up Dr. Bad Guy and left. However, this would spark a feud between 845 and Dr. Bad Guy to this day, until 845's death at the Doctor's hands.

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